Important Message from PFFWA

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and the Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia (PFFWA) are very concerned about the recent Federal funding announcements made by the Turnbull government, and the adverse financial impact they could have on the parents and families of the children in 164 Catholic schools and colleges right across Western Australia.

PFFWA are aware that the Federal cabinet will discuss the impact of their announcement on Tuesday 9th May (next week). We therefore seek your urgent support to join with the Bishops of Western Australia to raise your concerns with your local Federal politicians. This can be done either by email or on the phone.

Key concerns that should be raised are:


  • Why were the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) the second largest provider of schooling in the country and Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) the national peak parent body representing the parents in those schools not consulted with by the Federal government prior to the funding announcement being made?
  • Why are the parents and families who choose a Catholic education for their children and are co-funders in that education, being targeted right across the nation for adverse funding support, when compared to government and independent schools?
  • Are you aware what financial impact these decisions will have on parents and families, particularly those who are already struggling in the current downturn in the economy in Western Australia? Many of these parents and families, along with those in rural and remote regions and those in the lowest socio-economic areas of WA are already making significant sacrifices in order to provide an education which best meets the needs of their children, in this case a Catholic education, what kind of reassurance can you offer them?

Department of Education and Training data confirms the following impact for schools in Western Australia, noting in particular the additional increase in funding % being provided to independent schools compared to Catholic:


School Sector                   Increase in $ (Millions)           Increase in Funding %


Government                          872                                         141.6

Catholic                                 423                                          72.7

Private                                   412                                            80.

Please see HERE for list of WA Federal Members of Parliament and Senators


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