Meetings and Submissions

An important aspect of the Federation’s work is to advocate on behalf of parents whose children attend Catholic schools across the State of Western Australia.  We do this with the interests of parents and their children at the forefront of our deliberations.

Issues that we address include –

  • the continuation of fair and equitable funding for students in our schools from both state and federal governments.
  • fair and equitable funding for students with disabilities in our schools
  • the introduction of the Secondary Supply Laws so that like most other states, our parents can feel confident that when they send their children to someone else’s house, they won’t be provided with alcohol if they are underage; and
  • promoting of the importance of parental engagement in children’s learning, at home and school, which has been proven to have a significant bearing on learning outcomes and children’s wellbeing
  • road safety around our schools and for our children

The PFFWA are invited to provide responses to Catholic Education Commission discussion papers and policy development and revision, state and national organisations and committees.

In 2014, we have responded to the following:

  • Policy Statement 2-D1 Dispute and Complaint Resolution
  • Teacher Registration Board of WA draft Strategic Plan
  • Review of Teacher Education (National Advisory Group)
  • Policy Statement 2-A2 Christian Service Learning in Catholic Schools
  • Policy Statement 2-A3 Role of Catholic Schools in Supporting Sacramental Preparation in the Archdiocese of Perth
  • Review of Governance and Standing Committees (CECWA Working Group)
  • Policy Statement 2-B4 School Camps and Excursions
  • Policy Statement 2-C14 Occupational Safety and Health in Catholic Schools
  • Policy Statement 2-D5 Student Enrolment

In 2013, we responded to the following:

  • 2-D3 Child Protection
  • 2-D2 Crisis Management Planning in Catholic Schools
  • 2-D4 Healthy Food & Drink Choices
  • 2-B7 Justice Education
  • 2-A1 Catholic School Retreats
  • 2-C2 Change of Operation in Catholic Schools
  • 2-B8 Information and Communication Technology use by Students
  • 2-C8 Termination of Services Staff Members – Incompetency and Misconduct
  • 2-C4 Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying
  • 2-D7 Exclusion of Students for Disciplinary Reasons
  • 2-B6 Early Childhood Education and Care
  • 2-C13 Capital Planning And Development and the Building Quality Catholic Schools Guidelines
  • 2-B2 Curriculum
  • 2-B5 Religious Education
  • 2-C1 Accreditation
  • Draft Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Paper

If you would like a copy of our submissions, please contact the office.In addition to CECWA policy reviews, a PFFWA submission to the review of the Liquor Control Act – April 13 was sent to the Liquor Act Review Committee

In 2012, we responded to the following:

  • Policy Statement 2-D6 Dealing with Bullying and Harassment (Students)
  • Policy Statement 2-D7 Exclusion of Students for Disciplinary Reasons
  • Policy Statement 2-C3 Employment of a Principal’s Near Relatives
  • Policy Statement 2-D10 Provision of Services for Full Fee Paying Overseas Students
  • Policy Statement 2-B1 Selection and Use of Texts in Catholic Schools
  • Processes and Procedures for the Identification and Support of Gifted and Talented Students in Catholic Schools in Western Australia
  • Policy Statement 2-C9 Termination of Services Staff Members – Redundancy
  • Draft Charter for Parents of Students in WA Catholic Schools
  • Discussion Paper on Digital Learning in WA Catholic Schools Nov. 12

As the opportunity arises, we provide our thoughts to other agencies for inclusion in their submissions to both state and federal government.  This happens principally through the Western Australian Council of Social Services and at the national level, the Australian Parents Council and Catholic School Parents Australia.

If you would like to read any of the submissions listed above, please contact the office and we will email it out to you.