Catholic School Parents Australia

Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) was inaugurated on 14 October 2013.

In bringing together the State and Territory Catholic parent bodies, a key role is to act as a national body in the best interests of parents of children attending Australia’s Catholic schools.

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Australian Parents Council

The Australian Parents Council is the national federation of non-government school parent organisations which has represented parents of non-government school children in Australia since 1962.

The APC is highly active in advocating at a national level for fair and equitable funding for students in non-government schools, increased funding for children with disabilities and parental engagement in educational decision making by the Federal government and its departments.

PFFWA affiliation with the APC gives parents of children in Catholic schools across the State a strong and active voice in national education issues.

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APC Mission

To promote choice and quality in schooling, the equitable distribution of government funds for schooling and effective partnerships to maximise schooling outcomes.

Key Principles:












– Parents are the primary educators of their children

– Parents have the right to choose the type of schooling that best suits their children

– Governments are obliged to support parents’ capacity to exercise their right to choice of schooling

– All students have a right to access and receive a quality education to enable them to attain their full potential

– The student, not the school, must be the focus for the allocation of government funds for schooling

– Effective partnerships with and between parents, school communities and school authorities are central to the success of schooling outcomes

– APC is committed to supporting and nurturing affiliates and like-minded parent groups to develop and strengthen their voices.

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