Our Constitution

PFFWA’s current constitution is available to download HERE

Our Objectives

3.1    To represent and promote the interest of all students in Catholic Schools in Western Australia, their families and Affiliated Associations;

3.2    To promote the improvement of educational (including religious education) and moral standards of students;

3.3    To co-ordinate activities for Affiliated Associations which are consistent with the objectives of the Federation;

3.4    To promote and protect the right of every Australian child to share equitably in the public expenditure on education;

3.5    To promote the Code of Canon Law, Canon Number 793: “Parents and those who take their place, have both the obligation and the right to educate their children.  Catholic parents have also the duty and the right to choose those means and institutes which, in their local circumstances, can best promote the catholic education of their children.  Parents have moreover the right to avail themselves of that assistance from civil society which they need to provide a catholic education for their children.”

3.6    To promote for parents a real freedom of choice of schools for their children to attend;

3.7    To provide advice and support to Affiliated Associations consistent with the objectives of the Federation and within the resources of the Federation; and

3.8    To work collaboratively and in partnership with the Catholic dioceses of Western Australia, relevant peak bodies, and government agencies to represent and advocate for parents of students in Catholic Schools in Western Australia.