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It’s hard to believe we are already over half way through Term 1!
By now most P&Fs/Parent Groups will already have had a meeting or two and you will have been planning your activities for the year ahead. It is very important at this stage to clarify how best the Parent Group can work with the school board and leadership team to help achieve their goals and aspirations for their school. With the right to elect its own executive, the P&F/Parent group is an integral part of this community, working with all its members. Although it is a forum for parents and families to put forward their perspective and to support each other, it should not be working in parallel to the school but rather as part of the whole school community.
In speaking with P&Fs/Parent Groups and Principals it seems there is a big emphasis at the moment on ‘Friendraising’. For many, many years now the two key areas that parent groups in Catholic schools have been involved with are those of ‘Fundraising’ and ‘Friendraising". Although very few school boards would be likely to say ‘no’ to extra financial assistance through fundraising efforts by the parent group – the reality is that most schools today implement a P&F /Parent levy of some kind, which is in effect the most significant source of income.This therefore leaves the parent group at liberty to work on the ‘Friendraising’ activities.

It is worth remembering that every family attending a school attracts a level of government support in the manner of funding, which we can see on the My School website. A family of three children in a Catholic school, can attract approximately $30,000 per year in Sate and Federal funding. It takes a lot of fundraising to achieve this. So one of the most important things we as parents can do is to be advocates for our schools. Be positive (and there are many things to be positive about in Catholic schools) be upbeat and most of all be great role models. How many times have we been in a conversation with people who are being negative and downbeat about a particular situation.The tendency is often to just nod and allow the conversation to continue in this vein, even though we don’t agree!!! We need to be respectful of peoples concerns and then point them in the right direction to have their concerns addressed. There are great processes in our system to do this and the P&F/Parent Group should take particular responsibility to be aware of what the processes and procedures are. The Parents and Friends Federation of WA is a great resource to assist in matters such as these.
Assisting to build and maintain positive school communities are actions that benefit not only our children but also their teachers, families and the wider school community. Some of the activities that may assist in these endeavours include organising social events, speakers or presentations for parents and families or information sessions for families new to the school. The parent group should always be aware of new families, especially those who join at times other than the beginning of the year. Ask the school occasionally for a list of new families. We know that it can be tricky for children who move school to connect with others who are already entrenched in friendship groups, and so it can be for new parents. As members of parent groups we should be ready to extend the hand of friendship and assist new families to settle happily into our school community ,in particular those are are more vulnerable.
Most of all we want our schools to be communities that families aspire to be part of, where we, along with our children learn and grow. 

Celebrating Local Achievement - 2016 Awards of Excellence Night

The 2016 Awards of Excellence recently held at Crown Perth was a very inspiring night for all the amazing nominees and the very large crowd in attendance. The staff and Councillors of PFFWA commend all those nominated and acknowledge all of the fantastic work being achieved by our Parents, Parishes, Principals and P&F's. 

Here are some photos of our very worthy winners. Heartfelt Congratulations to you all!

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