Prayers for Meetings

Heavenly Father,

Fill us with your spirit and courage so that we might bring our talents and gifts to this important work.

Open our minds to the task at hand. Open our ears to each other. Open our hearts to your will.

We make this prayer in your name.


God our Father,

You have called us together once again to do work that will further Your kingdom on earth.

Let our efforts be for Your glory, for the support of parents and friends whom we represent,
and for the advancement of the mission of our schools.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,



We ask you to preside over our meeting and our labours, and to bless all our endeavours.

Help us to build a community united in harmony of love and service.

Watch over our families at home, at work and at school.

We thank you, Lord, for everything that widens our knowledge and equips us more fully for the task of life and living.

Give us the knowledge and prudence which will enable us to live our life well.

Teach us to know our own weaknesses that we may ever be on our guard against them.

Teach us to know our own strengths that we may use, to the full, the gifts and talents which you have given us.

Help us to share a loving concern for each other at all times.

Above all, Lord, help us to really know you, for this is the beginning and end of all wisdom, this is eternal life.



Look lovingly on this group gathered here.

During this meeting, as we discuss and deliberate on issues of importance to this school, help us to be guided by you Spirit.

May we be wise in our discernment, balanced in our judgment, fair in our decision and visionary in our planning.

Though we may, at times, have differing views, may we listen to one another and be guided by our common goals.

May we always be mindful in our words and actions of what is best for all children in our school.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,